"A Better Life Rescue, Inc."
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Shannon has found a loving home
with his new Dad Ken.
Aliana has now a furever home with new Mom Nadiene and sister Lilly.
Sadie found an awesome home with new Mom Debbie and Grand Mom Maureen.
Nancy with daughter Natalia and new addition a handsome Bruno. Great Christmas for Bruno.

Max and new mom Pat
Gianna and Kassy.

Daniel and Shannon adopted Teffie and they love her. 
Butter and Scotch with mom Jackie

Lulu with new mom Andrea. 
Lulu, being held by Dad John, brother Rex being held by Mom Andrea, the dogs from A Better Life Rescue, Tina the Maltese and Mini being held by Lulu's new human sisters Alexa and Jennifer.  Not in the pic are human brothers Hunter and Dylan.
Great new home, new family, and her new fabulous beginning!!!!!  
Robin with Sammy and dad Craig

Bella's new furever family
Bella with Jenna, mom Jackie and big brother Shane
Here is Mandy's new family
Frank with Mandy and mom Kathy with brother Pom Neco. 
Lori and Dino
Arisi the Papillon gets a new family!
Spike gets an awesome new family!
Jolie and her new Dad.
Kiwi gets his new home.
Max, the Pom with his new Mom.
Princess Zsa Zsa with Nancy and Paul.
Rex with his new Mom Robin.
Shana gets adopted!
Yvonne & Danny with Harley
Joanne and Hailey Sue
Kelly and Hailey Sue
Here is Salli with two new moms Melissa and Mary.  Let's not forget Harry her new dad.  She is so lucky and has started her new life with a family that loves her very much.
Gino and his new Mom.
Neil and his new Mom Jessica
Albert's new look!
Sassy and Traci
Bella's New Family.
Bruno's new family.
Penelopy and Anastasia have found true love and their new Mom Barabara who is static over her girls.
Charlie finally has his deserved furever home.
Sophia found her new mom DeAnna
Sergio found his furever home with mom Connie and dad Frank
Roxi with new loving family
Toby found his new home with Mom Rietta and Dad
Tico found his great home.
Slinky found his furever home with mom Gisela and his new sister.
John and Terry adopt Sam.
Choco gets adopted by a super family!
Cindy and Roger adopt Baily and Kahlua
Lisa with Cookie and Chip.
Lydia and Joseph with Krista Rose and Bella.
We love a happy ending... Yup, they adopted all three; Marley, Westley and Bradley
Mazie has a new home!
Milo has been adopted!