"A Better Life Rescue, Inc."
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

We are a rescue group that deals primarily with small dogs (NO CATS) that have been abandoned, abused, neglected or they are no longer wanted.  We will rehabilitate, bring them back to health, socialize, house trained if needed but most important we give them a sense of belonging and lots and lots of love.   Every dog wants to be loved and receive affection as they have spent in most cases all their lifes not having the warmth of someone's love.   My own dogs are instrumental in socializing them and making them feel as dogs should, that someone loves them and will take care of them at all times.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”   ― Anatole France
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A Better Life Rescue, Inc.
6231 PGA Blvd., Suite 104,  #427
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
Phone # 305-978-0059
email: abetterliferescue@bellsouth.net
We do not adopt outside the state of Florida. We adopt primarily in the south florida region. We consider exceptions within the state on a case by case basis.
Do you have a male dog that is lifting his leg and marking?

The plane landed on October 11th. All dogs arrived safely.
Anny started out really rough life. At the beginning of her life she was deprived of her eyesight, severely underweight, severe dental disease, and totally depending on other dogs to see her way around.  We cared for her and four months ago she went through an evolution getting her back to health.  Some wonderful people came to her aid, to get her eyesight back.  She went through the surgery with Dr. Blackwood and now 4 months later she is now at her new home with a wonderful loving new family. This family open their heart and their home to Anny which I think is going to be a great addition to their family.  Here's some of before and after. I'm sure if Anny could speak she would thank the wonderful people that donated to tour that she's very grateful and she's able to see all the wonderful things in this world has to offer her.  
This is just one story of many,
and why we do what we do to save these precious little ones.
This is the story of Jessie, a tiny little chihuahua who was hit by a car and left for dead in the middle of the street. Against all odds and horrific injuries, he survived! The first video is his journey through his surgeries and recovery. The second video is of him today in his new home, happy and thriving. This is why we do what we do.
It's so wonderful to see her running after toys when they're thrown to her to fetch it.

Again thank you to all those wonderful people that gave her that gift.  She now runs around with such pride and great attitude and now she sees the world that she for so long had total darkness. Thank you to all that made this possible from Anny and everyone in a better life rescue thank you for all who donated. God bless you

So much blessing to Mr And Mrs Gandel for giving Anny her furever home.  Anny will assist her new sister who is blind to find her way around. How ironic this is. Anny's photos are posted above.
Read Anny's story below.

Cira Leslie ~ President and Founder